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Kimberly Petersen graduated from a small liberal arts school with a Fine Arts major focused on painting. After growing up with an ever-expanding love of the arts, she couldn’t imagine a better path in life. Yet, she somehow found herself a few years later in an office job far, far away from any form of creative processes. Something was seriously missing in her life, and that’s when she decided to move to Shoreline Connecticut and pursue her dreams of living life with a main focus on creating art. Almost immediately she began painting again. Kimberly is drawn to the gorgeous coastlines of New England, and the inlets leading to the sea. She has worked underneath several accomplished artists and has been featured at the Old Lyme Art Gallery. Her work can be regularly seen throughout Old Saybrook, Westbrook and Essex, Connecticut.

As a true believer in the healing power of art, she has taught a series of Therapeutic Arts Classes at several nursing homes in New Hampshire and Vermont and frequently instructs childrens art lessons. She has traveled to Peru, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Ireland, Italy, and Central America and is inspired and enlightened by our divine planet and the amazing people in it.

Kimberly lives with her husband in Westbrook, Connecticut in a tree house they built together. As a woodworker and custom carpenter, he frames her work out of reclaimed and vintage woods found locally.

Kim has done many commissioned paintings for private residencies, businesses and as gifts. Contact her today and she’ll paint your favorite scene!

email: kimrpetersen@gmail.com




kim at opening      photo  

Kimberly and her husband, Dave, at their treehouse.


classic wooden ships. 36″ x 32″. 600-